Southwest Korea football league imposes record fine on FC Seoul over sex plaything outrage

South Korea’s professional sports league has imposed the record fine on a single of its clubs for inserting sex dolls in vacant seating during a new new go with played without vistors as a result of coronavirus pandemic.

FC Seoul was forced in order to apologise this week after TV and on-line viewers identified about a couple of dozen love-making dolls speckled around typically the stadium during the club’s 1-0 win over Gwangju FC on Sunday.

Cultural media customers complained concerning the dolls, some of which were wearing the club’s t-shirt. Others got been recently dressed in T shirts or were being holding placards advertising the sex toy seller plus a famous online terme conseillé who evidently inspired his or her design, multimedia reports mentioned.

The team apologised intended for causing “deep concern” in order to fans, but believed often the dolls experienced already been shipped due to a “mix-up” with all the supplier, adding that will it had received guarantees in advance of the match many people ended up not intended to get lovemaking reasons.

South Korean footballing group apologises intended for using intercourse dolls for you to fill stands
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On Thursday, the K-League fined FC Seoul a new record 100m won ($81, 000), saying the team experienced “deeply humiliated” feminine football fans and damaged the 38-year-old league’s popularity.

After reviewing the situation, group officials accepted FC Seoul’s claim that this would not necessarily know the particular mannequins were adult sex toys, but said it “could include easily recognised his or her apply using common sense and experience”.

The league explained in a statement: “The hot debate over this ‘real doll’ incident has severely embarrassed and hurt girls lovers, and damaged typically the sincerity of the group. ”

FC Seoul, this 2016 group champions, accepted the decision, apologised and even promised to prevent a good repeat of the incident.

Earlier this month the particular K-League grew to become the world’s first key football addition to start playing soon after South Korea succeeded throughout containing the virus. The particular season have been due to be able to begin in late Feb, at the position associated with the country’s break out.

On-lookers are restricted from stadiums, however, using clubs making an attempt to fill up sticks with cardboard cutouts, placards and banners, and produce a new semblance of ambiance together with crowd noises streamed by PA techniques.

Several ended up unconvinced by way of FC Seoul’s claim that it believed often the plaything had been fashion mannequins. “I speculate how they even came up up with this unusual thought. This is a good international disgrace, ” said one online critic.

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